Passport and CRBA Approved at US Embassy Manila!

Our client is a United States citizen, with an eight year old son who was born in the Philippines. He came to us for assistance in preparing applications for a United States passport and a Consular Report of Birth Abroad for his son. We prepared all of the Forms on our client’s behalf.

We worked with our client to develop the documentation to establish that he had sufficient physical presence in the United States prior to his son’s birth to be able to transmit his United States citizenship to his son. Because our client and his son’s mother were not married at the time his son was born, we also worked with our client to establish the blood relationship between our client and his son, that our client had agreed in writing to provide financial support for his son until his son reaches 18 years of age, and that our client had acknowledged paternity of his son in writing under oath. We prepared a complete package for our client to be submitted at the US Embassy Manila, along with additional Forms required because our client would not be physically present at the Embassy at the time of his son’s interview.

We are so excited to announce that the applications were approved, and our client’s son now has proof of his United States citizenship!

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