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The 2015 H1B Season is Here

With the start of the New Year, it is again time to prepare for the upcoming  2015 H1B Cap. Last year was a mad dash for those trying to obtain H1B status. After several years of lingering H1B numbers, the H1B Cap filled within the first week. If you missed out on the 2014 H1B Cap, are looking to change status to H1B, or are seeking H1B status for the first time, you should being the process right away. This is the time of the year to begin the H1B application process to afford the best possible chance of obtaining an H1B number under the 2015 H1B Cap. Each year we are contacted by either employers or their employees who are in need of H1B status. Unfortunately, some of them contact us well into H1B season resulting in a failure to obtain an H1B number under the Cap. In order to have the best chance at obtaining an H1B number under the new 2015 Cap, it is best to have the H1B petition filed with USCIS at the earliest possible date. Each day after the H1B Cap opens decreases your chances of obtaining an H1B under the 2015 H1B Cap. For this reason we suggest starting the H1B process as soon as possible in the new year. This allows sufficient time to prepare an approvable H1B in time for the 2015 H1B Cap.

If you are in need of an H1B under the 2015 H1B Cap, we suggest contacting us today to begin the application process. Our experienced team will work with you throughout the H1B process to ensure the highest possible chance at success. Mr. Richards has extensive experience with the H1B application process, having filed hundreds of H1Bs during his career. He has the experience to assist start-up companies, small to large organizations, IT companies, and more, to successfully obtain H1B status. Contact Mr. Richards today so that he can assist you in obtaining an H1B under the 2015 Cap.

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