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Corporations and businesses face unique challenges when seeking to employ foreign workers on a H1B visas. Often, the services of such employees are highly specialized and are needed immediately. The H1B visa process can be burdensome, time intensive and discouraging to employers that are accustomed to moving forward quickly with the demands of business. The H1B visa process requires attention to detail, proper documentation and collaboration with several government agencies before proper H1B visa work authorization is issued. To make matters more complicated, H1B visa requirements change on a regular basis. Such considerations can seem so burdensome that employers are tempted to hire less qualified workers or abandon the process altogether.

When employers who wish to hire foreign workers in specialty occupations approach us, we work with the appropriate government agencies, human resource departments, supervising managers and all necessary parties to ensure that the H1B visa process is as fully complied with. We enter the H1B visa process from the start, explain it in plain English and take the burden off of the employer. We make sure that the proper procedures are followed, necessary forms are completed accurately and compelling evidence is assembled with the initial petition, avoiding unnecessary delays and expenses. Our experience processing hundreds of H1B visas each year keeps us on the cutting edge of immigration law. There are few situations that we have not encountered. We apply this experience to each individual H1B visa petition, saving our clients time and money. In many cases employers desire to retain their H-1B employees beyond the temporary six-year period. In such situations we work with both employer and employee to transition from temporary H1B visa worker to permanent worker and permanent residency (green card). Additionally, we help with travel questions and visa issuance for H1B visa dependants.

If you are a corporation or business that currently employs or wishes to employ a foreign worker on an H1B visa, we will use our experience to your benefit.

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