NEXUS – Expedited Entry Program for Canadian and U.S. Citizens

Crossing the border can be a time intensive process, which is not an issue when you cross the border on an infrequent basis. Business professionals, cross border shoppers, and those with cross border relationships, can spend hours each week stuck in border traffic. In an effort to relieve congestion at the border and reward certain pre-screened travelers, the NEXUS program was created. Pre-screened travelers that participate in the NEXUS program benefit from expedited processing when using dedicated NEXUS lanes at United States and Canadian designated northern border ports of entry, Pre-clearance airports, and at marine reporting locations. If approved for the NEXUS program travelers are issued a photo-identification, proximity Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card.

Why use NEXUS?
Those that participate in the NEXUS program will benefit from expedited passage at NEXUS-dedicated lanes, airport kiosks, and by calling a marine telephone reporting center to report their arrival into the United States and Canada. NEXUS card holders also cross the border with a minimum of customs and immigration questioning. NEXUS is recommended for those that travel back and forth between the United States and Canada multiple times each month.

Who is eligible for NEXUS?

Citizens of the United States and Canada who are able to pass criminal and law enforcement checks may be eligible to participate in the NEXUS program.

You may NOT qualify if you:

  1. Are inadmissible to the United States or Canada;
  2. Provide false or incomplete information on their application;
  3. Have been convicted of a criminal offense in any country;
  4. Have been found in violation of customs, agriculture, or immigration law;
  5. Will not lawfully reside in either Canada or the United States for the term of your NEXUS membership; or
  6. Fail to meet other requirements of the NEXUS program.

Final approval of the NEXUS program must be given by both Canada and the United States. Denial of an application by either country will keep an individual from participating in the NEXUS program.

How much is a NEXUS card?
The non-refundable application fee for the NEXUS program is $50 US or CN.

How do you Apply for a NEXUS card?
NEXUS applicants only need to submit one application and one fee. Applicants may apply on-line via the CBP Global On-Line Enrollment System (GOES) Web site.  Qualified applicants are required to travel to a NEXUS Enrollment Center for an interview. If they are approved for the program at that time, a photo identification card will be mailed to them in 7-10 business days.

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