Options to Renew a TN Visa

If your TN Visa is expiring you have two options for renewing your TN Visa:

  • TN Visa Renewal through Form I-129 – If you plan to work under the same TN Visa profession and employer to whom your initial TN visa is tied, the current TN visa can be renewed trough U.S. Citizens Immigration Services (USCIS) by filing Form I-129 before the visa expires. This option gives you the convenience of renewing TN visa status through a U.S. service center without traveling to a U.S. port of entry for the purpose of renewal.
  • TN Visa Renewal at a U.S. Port of Entry  Obtaining, extending or renewing a TN Visa can always be done at a U.S. port of entry. For your TN Visa renewal process at a border, you must submit updated supporting evidence you used in obtaining the initial TN Visa and a new offer letter from your employer. The application for TN Visa renewal is given the same or even greater scrutiny than the initial application so it must be prepared and presented with the same attention to details. Although this renewal processing option requires you to travel to a U.S. port of entry, you can avoid the processing fees set by the USCIS and you can have the result of the application on the same day.

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