Student Visa Approved on an Expedited Basis for Hurricane Victim

Richards and Jurusik was able to help to a student seeking refuge after a hurricane decimated his home island.

The Sint Maarten native’s home and school were destroyed in September after Hurricane Irma hit the island as a Category 5 storm. He was able to escape the devastation in the Caribbean and temporarily stay with family in the United States, where he hoped to resume his schooling as quickly as possible. The student needed an F-1 visa in order to do so, but the U.S. Consulate’s earliest visa appointment was in mid-March 2018, which would prevent him from returning to high school until the majority of the school year had passed.

With the assistance of Richards and Jurusik, the student was able to have his appointment expedited for humanitarian reasons. This allowed him to continue his education in the United States while his parents remain in Sint Maarten, rebuilding their home and attending to the damage Hurricane Irma left behind.

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