U.S. Border Issues

Due to our proximity to the U.S. Canadian border we often assist individuals that encounter issues preventing them from entering the United States as visitors, workers, and even immigrants. Issues that prevent foreign nationals from entering the United States can be as simple as insufficient evidence to support a TN Visa NAFTA application, or as complex as inadmissibility issues due to past criminal convictions.

No matter the reason(s) for your refused entry into the United States, we can help. At Richards and Jurusik Immigration Law we will assess the facts surrounding your case to determine the best approach to assist you in achieving your U.S. immigration goals. Sometimes the desired result can be achieved immediately, with more complex issues the desired result will be subject to applicable processing times.

 We will prepare you for the border interview and address any concerns before you are inspected. Our professional border crossing assistance provides peace of mind during this often stressful situation. Although an attorney will not guarantee the approval of your immigration matter, it does ensure that you will be properly heard and that your case will receive the attention it deserves.

If you have encountered problems when seeking entry into the United States, contact Richards and Jurusik Immigration Law so that we can properly assess your immigration goals and determine the best course of action.

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