US Immigration Lawyer Winnipeg

At Richards and Jurusik Immigration Law Firm, we are exclusively focused on Immigration and Nationality Laws of the United States of America, while we are a US Law firm we have been serving people of Winnipeg with their US Immigration needs since we opened our firm. We are dedicated solely to the practice of US immigration law, we have the up-to-date knowledge of the constantly changing US Immigration laws and regulations with a specific focus on Canadians entering the United States. The founder of our firm, Jeremy L. Richards, is a seasoned US immigration lawyer who is actually licensed in Immigration law in the USA.

We provide highly-effective legal services to people of Winnipeg and other cities in Manitoba to obtain: TN Visa Status, H1B Visas, L1A/L1B visas, O Visas, Fiancé(e) visas, U.S. permanent residence (Green card), U.S. citizenship through Naturalization, Immigrant Waivers, and Non-immigrant Waivers.

As experienced immigration lawyers at Richards and Jurusik US Immigration Law firm, we consult with our clients and carefully plan ahead to ensure the best possible results of their status or visa applications. We provide cost-effective, professional legal services for every aspect of your application for entry or permanent residence to the United States. We will promptly answer all your questions and ensure personalized attention to every detail of your application. Whether you’re an individual seeking to marry a US citizen, work in the US or a small company or large corporation, you can be assured that you get the best services and professional attention that you deserve.

If you live in Winnipeg or any other part of Manitoba, contact us today to see how we can help you with your US Immigration matter.

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