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The U.S. Immigration Lawyers at Richards and Jurusik have over 20+ years of combined experience, helping citizens of the world to work and live in the United States. We have assembled a U.S. Immigration legal team with the necessary professional experience to handle all U.S. immigration law matters, from simple to complex, from individuals to large multi-national corporations. It our goal to assist you in preparing the necessary supporting evidence to present the most compelling case possible for your desired immigration outcome. Our job is to help overcome the obstacles to visiting, living, working, and doing business in the U.S. To gain admission into the U.S., your case must be properly made to the immigration authority who has the ability to grant or deny your requested immigration benefit.

At Richards and Jurusik we are your advocates. It is our responsibility to understand your immigration needs, and offer you cost effective immigration options to obtain your desired immigration outcome. An immigration attorney will manage your case from start to finish.  Each application handled by Richards and Jurusik is submitted to immigration authorities only after every detail has been considered and all possible supporting evidence has been included. Our careful attention to detail maximizes the potential for positive immigration outcomes.

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