Attorney Representation No Longer Allowed at the Border

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has made a change to a long standing policy that allowed applicants for admission into the United States at ports of entry to have an attorney present. In the past CBP allowed attorneys to accompany clients to the border. Under the new policy CBP no longer allows attorneys to be present with their clients when seeking admission into the United States, or when applying for a visa. This change has increased the importance of having properly prepared application documents and sufficient instruction before seeking admission to the United States and before applying for a visa.

Although an attorney is no longer allowed to accompany clients at the border, attorneys are able to represent clients through submission of Form G-28 and a legal memorandum. Submission of Form G-28 along with a visa application places CBP on notice that the applicant is being represented by an attorney. We continue to provide our clients with the best possible border representation in all visa applications through a detailed legal memorandum, visa application, and Form G-28 Notice of Appearance of Attorney.

If you are in need of border assistance due to previous denials, refusals, or would like representation at the border, we can help. Contact our offices today to speak with a licensed U.S. Immigration Attorney.

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