Can a TN Visa holder work for multiple employers?

Can a TN Visa holder work for multiple employers? Although a TN visa is employer specific, you are able to have multiple TN visas and work for multiple employers at the same time. In most cases this either means a full-time and a part-time position, or multiple part-time positions. In the case of a consultant, this could mean several TN visas, one for each client being serviced.

How do you add a TN visa employer? The procedures for adding a TN visa for an addition employer or client, it the same as obtaining a new TN visa. A new TN Visa can be obtained at a qualifying port of entry, at a U.S. consulate, or by mail with USCIS.

When can I begin working for a new TN visa employer? You are not able to begin working for a new TN visa employer until your visa has been approved. This means you must have been stamped and issued an I-94 card, been issued a visa, or received approval from USCIS before starting your position.

We are experienced in helping Canadian and Mexican citizens obtain multiple TN Visas for part-time and full-time positions to work for multiple employers. If you have questions about working for multiple employers while on a TN Visa, we can help.

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