Changes in Circumstances Can Impact Your Case

Often times waiting for a petition to be approved can be very stressful. Many times personal circumstances change and people are no longer able to continue processing the same type of petition that was filed. An example of this would be with a K-1 Fiancé(e) visa in which the U.S. citizen files for his/her fiancée who is living abroad. While waiting to get issued a Fiancé(e) visa from the Consulate, the couple decides not to wait any longer and gets married before the K-1 visa is issued. If this situation arises the Fiancée would no longer be eligible to obtain a K-1 Visa because they are no longer a fiancée but a husband/wife. This will make the Petition for an Alien Fiancée null and void.

Another common scenario is when the unmarried son/daughter of a U.S. Citizen gets married while waiting for their priority date to become current. In this case the unmarried son/daughter would no longer be classified as the Unmarried Son/Daughter of a United States Citizen but a married son/daughter. This change in circumstances places them into another family based preference. Changes in circumstances while awaiting immigration benefits can cause additional complications. It is necessary to be properly informed of the impact that potential changes in circumstances will have on your immigration case. We understand that waiting for the immigration process to take care of itself can be a very stressful situation and are here to help you through it. Please contact us today for a Free Case Assessment.

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