Questions to expect when applying for a TN?

The process of applying for TN status at a designated port of entry can be intimidating. We are often asked what types of questions to expect during the application process. Although there is not a set list of questions asked during every TN inspection, CBP officers tend to ask certain questions during the inspection process. The types of questions usually vary depending on the TN profession you apply under, past immigration history, and the CBP officer. CBP officers often call employers to confirm employment, position, and duties. Both employer and employee should be prepared to answer questions. No matter how you decide to approach the TN application process, answer all questions honestly. Inconsistencies can lead to a denied application and can have a lasting impact on your U.S. immigration status.

The following is a general list of questions commonly asked by CBP officers during the inspection process:

General Questions?

  1. What TN Profession are you applying under? (Must seek entry under a listed TN profession)
  2. How do you qualify? (Must meet the specific education/experience requirements for the profession as listed under NAFTA)
  3. Do you have an original copy of your degree? (Copies are not accepted. Transcripts can be used in lieu of a degree copy)
  4. Do you have proof of your experience? (A resume does not suffice. When experience is required you must have proof of experience in the form of former employer/client letters)
  5. Do you have an original support/offer letter from your employer? (Copies whether balck/white or color are not acceptable. The Letter must be original, signed and be on official employer letterhead)
  6. Have you ever worked in the United States before?
  7. Where will you be staying in the United States?
  8. What will your duties be?
  9. Tell me what you will do during a typical work day?
  10. How did you find out about this position?
  11. Do you have an evaluation of your foreign degree? (If obtained outside of Canada, Mexico or the United States)

Computer Systems Analyst?

  1. Will you be working for your employer or will you be working at a client site?
  2. What percentage of your duties will involve programming?
  3. Do you have a directly related degree? (Degree must be in a directly related field)
  4. Do you have proof of experience? (If relying on a diploma/certificate)

Management Consultant?

  1. What qualifies you as a consultant? (A consultant can qualify based on a degree or at least 5 years of experience)
  2. Who will you be reporting to?
  3. Who hired you?
  4. Will you have any direct reports?
  5. What will your title be?
  6. What duties will you perform?
  7. Why does the client need your consulting services?
  8. How will the client benefit from your services?
  9. How long will the client need your services?
  10. Will you be staying in the United States or will you be commuting back and forth?
  11. Can you please write down your duties for me?
  12. Will you be working for the client or at client sites?
  13. When you identify an issue, who takes care of it?

Scientific Technician/Technologist?

  1. What discipline will you be working in? (Must be in agricultural sciences, astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering, forestry, geology, geophysics, meteorology or physics)
  2. Who will you be providing support for or who will you be reporting to? (Must work in direct support of a qualified professional in the given field)
  3. What degree or qualifications does your manager/supervisor have? (Manager must be a qualified professional in the given field)
  4. Do you have a copy of your manager/supervisors degree? (Must have proof of their qualifications as well. A copy will suffice)
  5. Do you have proof of your qualifying experience/education? (Can qualify through experience or education)
  6. What will you be doing for your employer?

It is best to seek advice and counsel from an experienced U.S. immigration attorney before starting the TN application process. Contact us today for a free assessment of your immigration matter.

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