Do Canadians Need Visa Sponsorship To Work In US?

Do Canadians Need Visa Sponsorship To Work In The US?

Canadians who wish to work in the US have various visa options. Most US employment visas require a sponsor company but there are other options that don’t need sponsorship. Whether or not a Canadian should have an employer-sponsor depends on which visa type they get.

TN Visa – Trade National/Trade NAFTA

Considered the easiest path for Canadian professionals to work in the US, the TN visa does not require an American sponsor. A Canadian only needs to show that they have a valid job offer from a US employer. The open position must be one of the listed NAFTA professions, and the applicant must meet the job’s educational and experience requirements.

L1 Visa – Intra-Company Transferee

This is for employees of companies that have an office or subsidiary in the US. If the company wishes to bring a Canadian employee into their US office, the company may petition for that employee’s L1 visa. Thus, it is a visa that involves company sponsorship.

H Visas – H1B, H1C, H2, And H3 – Temporary Worker Visa

H visas have various subcategories: H1B visa for foreigners in specialty occupations requiring a bachelor’s degree or higher; H1C for professional nurses; H2 visas for seasonal workers; and H3 visas for foreigners who work as trainees in the US. Generally, these visas require the petition and sponsorship of a US employer.

Canadians who do not qualify for the TN visa often apply for the H1B visa instead. Apart from the US employer sponsorship, a job offer from the employer is also necessary for this visa.

E Visas – E1 And E2 – Treaty Visas

This visa type is not for workers as such but for individuals who will trade with or invest in a US business. Sponsorship is necessary from the American business, and the visa holder is allowed to work only with this sponsor.

O Visas – Extraordinary Ability Visas

For US visa purposes, “extraordinary ability” means the person’s skill has been nationally or internationally acclaimed. The O-1A visa is granted to educators, scientists, businesspersons, and athletes, while the O-1B is for artists and people in the film industries. These visas also require an employment sponsorship.

There are a few other visa types that may allow a Canadian citizen to work in the US. To ensure that you meet the requirements for your visa type, consult one of the experienced US immigration attorneys at Richards & Jurusik. Call us at 716-970-4007 today.

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