Does my job qualify for a TN visa?

Does my job qualify for a TN visa? In some cases it is easy to determine if your job qualifies for a TN visa, i.e., you are an accountant being offered a position to work as an accountant In other cases, it can be difficult to match your job with a qualifying TN Visa profession. You can determine if your job qualifies for a TN Visa, if:

  • Your job is listed on the list of TN Visa professions;
  • You meet the minimum education required for the TN Visa profession; and
  • You will perform the duties generally associated with the TN Visa profession.

In a situation where the job offer contains a title, requirements, or duties that don’t clearly match with a listed TN Visa profession, it’s best to have an experienced immigration attorney assist you. Getting a job offer that doesn’t clearly match with the ones listed under the USMCA (NAFTA) TN Visa professions list doesn’t automatically mean that you don’t qualify for TN Visa status.

If it is not clear if your job qualifies for a TN Visa, it is best to contact an experienced immigration attorney to help you determine the right TN Visa profession. We have 20+ years of experience helping Mexicans and Canadians identify the right TN Visa profession for their TN visa needs. In addition, TN Visa status is not for all types of jobs. We can suggest the best visa alternatives for you if your job is not included in the list of TN Visa professions.

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