Green Card Approval After Mishandling By another Law Firm

The U.S. Citizen husband of a foreign national contacted us extremely frustrated and concerned about the handling of his USCIS Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative. He had retained another law firm that advertised immigration law as one of their practice areas. The firm in fact had very little experience with U.S. immigration law. The firm’s lack of experience and knowledge about U.S. immigration law resulted in a severe mishandling of their case. Many of the necessary USCIS Forms were not included in the filing, crucial evidence was not submitted to USCIS, thousands of dollars were wasted in filing fees and attorney fees, and the case was ultimately denied. Over 18 months into the process, we were retained to resolve their immigration matters. We worked with our client to complete all necessary Forms, compile all necessary supporting evidence, and re-file their case with USCIS. Within 4 months the case was approved. The spouse is now the proud holder of U.S. permanent resident status (Green Card).

When selecting a law firm to handle your U.S. immigration matter it is important to work with a firm that limits their practice to U.S. immigration law. Many firms practice several areas of law without dedication to a specific area of law. Firms that dabble with U.S. immigration law commonly end up giving poor advice, mishandle cases, and ultimately have a lasting negative impact on those they represent. Before hiring an attorney to represent you with your U.S. immigration matter, make sure that they limit their practice to U.S. immigration law, are a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), are able to provide client testimonials of their work, and have experience with your specific immigration matter.

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