TN Visa Experience is Invaluable

Our law practice focuses on U.S. immigration law and ONLY U.S. immigration law. This allows us to become proficient with U.S. immigration law at a very high level. One specific area within U.S. immigration law that we have a strong level of competence in is TN visas under NAFTA. Our experience is not limited to knowledge gleaned from legal sources, it comes from practical application of the law to TN applications by mail with USCIS, at the border, through consular processing, and pre-flight inspection. In fact, our very first client was a TN Management Consultant. On many occasions we are physically present at the border during the TN inspection process. This experience gives us a unique understanding and perspective into the TN application process. Many attorneys that tout experience and market their skills in the area of TN applications have never appeared with a client at the border or will send an assistant in their place. This is a severe disadvantage to the client, as the attorney is forced to rely on legal research for answers too many crucial questions. Our experience comes from a combination of staying on top of TN legal issues and practical TN experience at the border and with USCIS.

Much of the confusion with the TN application process comes from the difference between practical experience and basic legal research. We are regularly contacted by other law firms, business professionals and employers who had the unfortunate experience of working with other lawyers who provided poor advice on the TN application process. Such poor advice can have many adverse consequences including: refused entry, lost time, missed engagements, lost clients, and denial. Some less recognizable consequences of an improperly filed TN application are the lasting details that remain with CBP. Many times with a TN application you get one bite at the apple. An improper application cannot be undone or erased, it must be overcome. The more failed attempts to obtain TN status the more difficult the process becomes. The above reasons emphasize the importance of working with an experienced TN NAFTA lawyer.

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