How To Expedite Form I-751 Removal of Conditions Application (Permanent Green Card)

How To Expedite Form I-751 Removal of Conditions Application (Permanent Green Card)


If you were married for less than two years at the time that your green card was approved through marriage to a US citizen, you’re only given a two year green card with conditions on it that they need to be removed at the end of that two year time period, to demonstrate that you’re still married to that individual and that your marriage is what they call bonafide or real marriage. A marriage entered into for love and not for immigration benefits.

When you file a removal of conditions application, upon approval you receive a 10 year permanent green card. However, these removal of conditions applications are taking some time to process with USCIS. Oftentimes they’re taking over 18 months, which puts these individuals waiting for their permanent green cards in an uneasy state and in a limbo. So they often ask, how do I speed this up? What can I do to move my case through the process faster?

Well, if you’re still married to the individual that petitioned you on a green card, you could qualify for US citizenship. You would qualify for US citizenship at the three year mark of your marriage. And you can file for citizenship up to three months before your anniversary date of receiving your green card. What does this do? Well, if you follow us, US citizenship application with pending I-751 or removal of conditions application, it forces USCIS to then adjudicate them both together. And it does that because the naturalization applications are processing much faster than the removal of conditions application. So by filing that naturalization application, they will then pick up both applications, call you in for an interview, adjudicate both the removal of conditions application and give you a naturalization test and adjudicate your naturalization application at the same time.

End result, you’ll skip the 10 year green card and go straight to US citizenship. And that’s what most people are looking for in the end anyway is that US citizenship. If you found this video helpful, please click subscribe, hit the like button and recommend it to your friends so that they can use this content as well for themselves.

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