How to Obtain a Physical Copy of Form I-94

CBP Form I-94 is used as proof of legal inspection and admission into the United States. CBP Form I-94 will indicate the status under which admittance was granted and the time period of the authorized stay. If issued in connection with employment, CBP Form I-94 will often indicate the name of the employer for which authorization was granted. Traditionally, CBP Form I-94 was printed and stapled into the passport of the foreign national entering the United States. Recently, this practice has changed. CBP has gone away from the issuance of a physical Form I-94 and will simply stamp the passport of the foreign national indicating inspection and admission. A physical copy of CBP Form I-94 must be printed from the CBP web-site. If you were not issued a physical CBP Form I-94 you can obtain a copy by completing a simple form on the CBP web-site: CBP Form I94 Retrieval

The following is an image of CBP Form I-94:

Form I94

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