H1B CAP Subject Visa Numbers for FY2011

According to USCIS 6,350 H-1B1 numbers were unused in FY2010 and were added to the FY2011 pool.  Taking into account the 6,800 numbers reserved for Chile-Singapore H1B1 visas, the original H1B CAP number for FY2011 was 58,200. By adding the additional 6,350 unused number from FY2010 to the H1B1 CAP numbers for FY2011, there  were approximately 64,550 H1B CAP numbers available at the start of FY2011. The latest H1B CAP count (December 31, 2010) states that USCIS has accepted 57,300 petitions towards the FY2011 H1B CAP. This means that there are approximately 7,250 H1B CAP numbers still available for FY2011 .