How Many Times Can you Renew a TN visa

How many times can you renew a TN visa?

There is no limit to the amount of time that a person can be on a TN visa status. TN visa status can be renewed up to six months prior to the expiration date and can be renewed as often as every year. The maximum amount of time that a single TN visa can be issued for is three (3) years, which can be renewed for an unlimited period of time. Although TN visa status can be renewed an unlimited amount of times, renewals are not guaranteed or automatic. When applying for a renewal of your TN visa status, you must be as prepared as you were when you first applied for TN visa status. When seeking a renewal you should be prepared to present the following:

  1. Proof of you Canadian citizenship;
  2. A properly written TN employer;
  3. Supporting evidence showing that you have the necessary education to qualify for the TN profession;
  4. Former or current employer letters as evidence of previous experience in the field (If needed); and
  5. Proof of your nonimmigrant intent and permanent ties to Canada.

Through our experience, most TN denials are issued because the applicant does not present an adequately prepared or supported TN visa application. If the reviewing officer finds a reason to deny the application, it will be denied. Most of the time denials can be corrected by providing missing supporting evidence. Other times denials are more difficult to overcome because the applicant sought entry under the wrong TN profession. We are experienced at assisting Canadians obtain first time TN status, TN status renewals, TN status extensions and TN status after denials. If you are preparing to apply for TN visa status, contact us today for a free assessment of your immigration matter.

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