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USA Immigration Court Lawyers – Asylum & Deportation Defense (Se Habla Español)

Are you or a loved one threatened with a deportation issue? Removal proceedings are a complex area of law, where you will likely face the government’s highly practiced lawyers. You’ll need a defense attorney who is particularly skilled and well-versed in US Immigration Court procedures.

At Richards & Jurusik, we have effectively defended many individuals in US deportation cases. We can explore every avenue for your relief from removal. We can proficiently navigate the legal system with our deep understanding of the law and apply our decades of experience to represent you. Talk to us about your immigration situation to see how we can help you.

What Deportation Issues Can We Help You With?

Many things lead to Immigration Court. Each situation is unique and delicate, where personal relationships, employment, and the individual’s future as a whole are at stake. Contact our client-oriented attorneys at Richards & Jurusik if you are facing any of these or similar removal matters:

  • Taken into custody or placed in a detention facility
  • Facing criminal charges with the potential for deportation
  • Accused of orking without a permit
  • Overstaying a visa
  • Receiving a Notice to Appear
  • Unlawfully threatened with or targeted for removal.

We represent clients in all US Immigration Courts, including clients with inadmissibility issues from around the world.

Deportation Defense Strategies

At Richards & Jurusik, we always aim for the most effective and cost-efficient defenses for each immigration client. It is our duty to understand your immigration situation and tailor-suit a plan to resolve it. These are some immigration court defense strategies and removal relief tactics that we use in our cases:

  • Adjustment of status. Obtaining a green card is allowed during removal proceedings, which means it could possibly stop your deportation. Talk to us to see how you can get a status adjustment during removal proceedings.
  • Cancellation of removal. If you have met certain eligibility requirements, such as living in the US for 10 years with good moral character, the immigration judge may decide to cancel your deportation case. We’ll advocate for you to help make this happen.
  • Asylum. Numerous individuals and families come to the US to escape persecution in their home country. If this is your situation, we can help you successfully apply for US asylum.
  • Withholding of removal. Also called non-refoulment, “withholding” of removal means prohibiting the government from deporting you to a country where your life or freedom would be in danger. This is a mandatory protection for individuals who pass a legal test, and we’ll help achieve your best chance.
  • Removal relief under Convention Against Torture (CAT). The CAT protection is particularly intended for individuals who are “more likely than not” in danger of being tortured in their home country.
  • T visa or U visa. These are visas for victims of serious crimes such as human trafficking. Obtaining such a visa can be a sensitive process, both legally and personally. We at Richards & Jurusik practice utmost professionalism when helping clients who deserve this relief.
  • Prosecutorial discretion (PD). The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has the discretion whether or not to pursue a deportation case. Our immigration lawyers are familiar with ways to obtain PD relief so that ICE decides to discontinue your case.

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