L1A Issued for Expanding Canadian Law Firm

We often facilitate the expansion of foreign companies into the U.S market. Many times this is done through an L1 expansion visa. On one such occasion we were contacted by a large Canadian Law Firm seeking to expand its offices into the United States. They had been told by other immigration law firms that they did not have a very good chance at obtaining a visa to work within the United States or to expand their operations. After a review of the the facts of their case, we were able to help them to assemble all the necessary evidence for an approvable L1A visa. When the application was complete, we met them at the border for the interview. After a very quick application process, the visa was approved. Our client had the following to say about their experience:


Thank you for all your great work. The other lawyers we contacted all stated that there was little likelihood of our application succeeding. Your diligent preparation and thorough knowledge of immigration law enabled us to quickly and affordably accomplish our immigration objectives and we will certainly be using your firm again for our future immigration matters. 

D.D., L1A Executive 

We successfully help foreign companies to obtain L1 status for their employees, facilitating expansion into the U.S. marketplace. Mr. Richards has helped companies of all backgrounds to obtain L1 status for their employees. Contact Mr. Richards today to see how we can help you prepare and submit a successful L1 application.

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