Naturalization Approved After 18 Month Delay

After a foreign national has held lawful permanent residence (green card status) within the United States for the statutory time period, and can show that all other qualifications for becoming a U.S. Citizen are met, they can apply for Naturalization through USCIS Form N-400. As with most applications filed with USCIS, the Naturalization process appears much easier than it is. Applicants for naturalization can face unnecessary delays, rejections, denials and even removal from the United States, if proper attention to detail is not given during the application process. We often advise green card holders about the issues associated with filing for Naturalization and have helped many obtain U.S. Citizenship. Unfortunately, not everyone seeks the advice of an experienced immigration attorney before applying for citizenship. On many occasions our advice and counsel is sought after an application does not go smoothly.

On one such occasion a foreign national sought our assistance after he had not received a final decision on his N-400 Application for Naturalization more than eighteen (18) months after his final interview. His repeated inquiries and requests for a final decision went unheard and he became very frustrated. At this point he contacted our office to intervene on his behalf. We were able to take appropriate action and within one (1) month he was notified by the local USCIS office that his N-400 Application for Naturalization was approved. He is now a U.S. Citizen.

Although it is best to seek the advice of an experienced Immigration Attorney prior to filing any application with USCIS, we can assist no matter where you are in the immigration process. Contact us today so that we can help you with your U.S. Immigration needs.

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