Petition for Alien Relative Approved in Two Months!

Our client is an American citizen who is married to a Ukranian citizen.  His wife is currently living near the Eastern border of the Ukraine with their small child, who is an American citizen.  Because of the current crisis in the Ukraine, our client is extremely concerned about the safety and well being of his wife and child. 

They worked with our client to prepare a Petition for Alien Relative package to submit to USCIS.  The package included many supporting documents to show that this is a real marriage, and not entered into solely for immigration purposes.  Upon submission of the Petition, we requested that USCIS expedite the processing of the Petition, because of the crisis in the Ukraine.  They contacted our client’s Member of Congress, who also contacted USCIS on our client’s behalf to urge that the processing be expedited. 

Today we received the official Approval Notice from USCIS approving the Petition, only two months after the Petition was submitted.  The average processing time is five months, and in many cases processing can take ten to twelve months. 

Our client’s wife can now apply for an immigrant visa with the Department of State, and the family is well on their way to being reunited. 

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