Increased Scrutiny and Denials of Visas

Under the administration of President Trump, we have seen a significant increase in denials for those seeking admission into the United States. Denials are not limited to those with criminal issues. They range from those seeking entry to the United States for shopping, business meetings, family visits, TN visa applicants,...
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TN Visa Approved for a Scientific Technician

Jeremy and his team is very experienced and professional in TN visa application. He and his assistant April answered my email promptly. I was impressed by their professional advice and services! Highly recommend for TN visa application. Thank you Jeremy and April! — Min Li

Prevailing Wage Determinations for H1B Visa Petitions

All U.S. employers of H-1B foreign workers are required to pay employees the prevailing wage for the position to be filled as determined by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). The Department of Labor (DOL) has the responsibility to ensure that the U.S. workforce is being adequately protected, making sure...
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U.S. Selective Service Registration for a Green Card Holder

Does a U.S. Permanent Resident need to register for the Selective Service? All male U.S. permanent residents (Green Card holders) regardless of where they live are required to register with the Selective Service if they are at least 18 years old but are not yet 26 years old. Failure to...
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L1 Visa New Office Extension

Outstanding Attorney (Words cannot express my appreciation) Jeremy Richards is very understanding and attentive to all my concerns. Jeremy provided excellent feedback and legal advice. Always took my calls and if not available , he would return my calls or emails at a reasonable time. As a result I was...
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Business Owner Receives L-1 Visa at Buffalo Peace Bridge

“Really awesome experience. If you haven’t got an L-1 Visa, there is a lot of work. Jeremy and his team did my first one for first year, then my renewal. World class team. Jeremy met me at the border, had all the paperwork, prepped me and helped if any questions....
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Passport and CRBA Approved at US Embassy Manila!

Our client is a United States citizen, with an eight year old son who was born in the Philippines. He came to us for assistance in preparing applications for a United States passport and a Consular Report of Birth Abroad for his son. We prepared all of the Forms on...
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Petition for Alien Relative Approved in Two Months!

Our client is an American citizen who is married to a Ukranian citizen.  His wife is currently living near the Eastern border of the Ukraine with their small child, who is an American citizen.  Because of the current crisis in the Ukraine, our client is extremely concerned about the safety...
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Case Re-Opened for Consular Processing

Under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) an immigrant visa may be cancelled for failure to apply for an immigrant visa within One (1) year of being advised to do so. Our client was advised to apply for an immigrant visa based on marriage to a U.S. citizen but was...
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TN Visa Approved after Denial Based on Poor Advice

A frantic HR department contacted us after their employee was denied entry into the United States under TN status. The company had hired a large reputable immigration law firm to handle the TN application process for them. Unfortunately, the advice and work product of this large firm did not meet...
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Green Card Approval After Mishandling By another Law Firm

The U.S. Citizen husband of a foreign national contacted us extremely frustrated and concerned about the handling of his USCIS Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative. He had retained another law firm that advertised immigration law as one of their practice areas. The firm in fact had very little experience...
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EB-1 Approved for a Herpetologist (Snake Breeder)

One of the most difficult U.S. Immigration Categories is a self-petitioning EB-1 Alien of Extraordinary Ability. The standard for approval of an EB-1 is very high. Approvals are only granted to those that can demonstrate that they are among the top in their profession in the world. Very few individuals...
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L1A Issued for Expanding Canadian Law Firm

We often facilitate the expansion of foreign companies into the U.S market. Many times this is done through an L1 expansion visa. On one such occasion we were contacted by a large Canadian Law Firm seeking to expand its offices into the United States. They had been told by other...
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TN Issued for Biochemist after 4 Denials

We received a call from a very exited and anxious Canadian that had received a job offer to work in the United States. The job offer was from a large U.S. corporation in need of a Biochemist. The employment was to start immediately and our client did not want to...
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H1B Approved for Director of Sales without a Degree

In order to qualify for an H1B visa there are many factors that must be proven. Of the many factors involved in the adjudication process, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), will look at whether entry into the profession requires the attainment of a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent, whether...
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Naturalization Approved After 18 Month Delay

After a foreign national has held lawful permanent residence (green card status) within the United States for the statutory time period, and can show that all other qualifications for becoming a U.S. Citizen are met, they can apply for Naturalization through USCIS Form N-400. As with most applications filed with...
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VAWA Success

In our day and age there are many relationships that cross the international divide. Oftentimes, when a U.S. citizen (USC) builds a lasting relationship with a foreign national, U.S. Immigration Law comes into play. The foreign national spouse or fiancé(e) is often brought to the United States on some form...
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TN Visa Issued for Employee of a Start-Up Technology Company

We were able to obtain a TN visa for an employee of a start-up technology company with only one (1) employee, bringing the total employees of the company up to two (2). Although the employee had been denied on three previous occasions, we were able to prepare an application with...
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Visitor Entry Granted Despite Immigrant Intent Flag

A Canadian citizen that had been denied entry as a visitor when attempting to visit her U.S. boyfriend, contacted us to assist her in crossing the border. We were able to prepare a packet to overcome the immigrant intent flag, allowing her to spend the summer with her boyfriend.

P3 for Culturally Unique Performer Approved in 10 Days

We were approached by a culturally unique performer with over 30 years of experience in her field. She was scheduled to perform in less than two weeks and the employer had already booked airline tickets for her travel. Although she had commenced the process months in advance, she was given...
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TN Visa Issued Despite Immigrant Intent Flag

We were recently approached by a Canadian citizen was denied on two previous occasions while had attempting to enter the U.S. on a TN visa as a registered nurse. He was flagged as having “immigrant intent” primarily because he has a U.S. citizen wife and child residing in the United States.

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