TN Issued for Biochemist after 4 Denials

We received a call from a very exited and anxious Canadian that had received a job offer to work in the United States. The job offer was from a large U.S. corporation in need of a Biochemist. The employment was to start immediately and our client did not want to miss out on this once in a lifetime work opportunity. Over the previous five (5) year period the same individual had received several offers to work in the U.S. but none of them came to fruition due to four (4) TN denials. The previous denials and eagerness to work in the U.S. understandably created a sense of anxiousness with our client. We were able to analyze our client’s immigration history, previous TN denials, qualifications, and current job offer to craft a solid TN application meeting all NAFTA requirements.

To ease our client’s anxiety we met at the border to help with the border crossing experience. Due to the complicated immigration history, the application process was protracted. Despite an intense interview process, our client was able to walk away from the interview with TN-1 status valid for three (3) years. He had the following to say about his experience:

Hi Jeremy,

I’ll profess to the world the wonders you did to make my TN a possibility. I have been denied four times since 2007. Working with your law firm made this possible today. I am very proud of you and I have started the broadcast of your good works. Thanks once again, extend my high regards to your admin team who continuously assured me of your success rate.

J.I., TN Biochemist

We successfully help Canadians obtain TN-1 status despite previous denials. We have helped hundreds of Canadians of all professional backgrounds to obtain TN-1 status. Contact us today to see how we can help you prepare and submit a successful TN-1 application.

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