TN Management Consultant Success Despite Two Previous Denials

We were retained by a client that was stuck at the airport in Ottawa after being denied on two previous occasions while attempting to enter the United States as a TN Management Consultant. In addition to being denied on two previous occasions, the client was working under an arrangement where he was sub-contracted by a Canadian corporation to service a client contract in the United States. On top of it all, he was already a day late for his very short five (5) day engagement in the United States. We worked with our client to draft a TN Management Consultant application overnight. He then took the application to the Ottawa airport the next afternoon. Just minutes after his inspection at the Ottawa airport we received this e-mail:


You worked magic.  The customs agent I had been dealing with in the back room for the last two times was on the up front wicket today and he gruffly asked to see the paperwork. When he read your cover  letter he smiled and said that’s all you needed. He passed me off to another guy in the back who read through the package for about 10 minutes, had a cordial discussion with me, took my $50 and sent me on my way.  I am in the lounge now – feeling very grateful for your help.

 Happy to be on my way to Boston finally.

 Thank you for your concerted effort.


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