TN Managment Consultant Status for Experienced Canadian Professionals

A common yet complex TN profession option for Canadian business professionals is the TN Management Consultant. This category is often used by business professionals that provide specialized services as a consultant or through a consulting business. The requirements to enter the U.S. as a TN management consultant are simple:

  1. Baccalaureate or Licenciatura degree; or
  2. 5 Years of experience as a consultant; or
  3. 5 years of experience in a specialty related to a consulting agreement.

Having a Baccalaureate or Licenciatura degree is seen as the quickest route to obtaining a TN as a management consultant and is often the least scrutinized option at the border. The two optional experience routes are often more difficult and tend to be more heavily scrutinized. Of the three options the one that is most often overlooked is a TN management consultant with 5 years of experience in a specialty related to a consulting agreement. Although this option can be more difficult to obtain, it is just as viable as its two counterparts. Canadian business professionals that do not operate a consulting business or who have not accumulated 5 years of experience as a consultant but who have 5 years of experience in a specific specialty, can qualify as a TN management consultant. We have experience helping experienced Canadian business professionals obtain temporary employment in the U.S. as TN management consultants who have developed a specific specialty. As with most U.S. immigration applications, evidence can make or break the application. One of the most important pieces of a TN management consultant application based on a specialty related to a consulting agreement is previous employer letters. Oftentimes applicants present an application with a resume as the only evidence of past experience. This is insufficient and CBP officers will summarily deny the application. It is not enough to simply state that you have past experience or have developed a specific specialty you must provide tangible proof.

The option of obtaining employment based on 5 years of experience in a specialty related to a consulting agreement opens the door for many experienced Canadian professionals that do not otherwise qualify under another TN profession. TN management consultant applications are complex are require meticulous preparation.

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