TN Visa Approved after Denial Based on Poor Advice

A frantic HR department contacted us after their employee was denied entry into the United States under TN status. The company had hired a large reputable immigration law firm to handle the TN application process for them. Unfortunately, the advice and work product of this large firm did not meet NAFTA standards and the employee was not allowed entry to begin working for their client. The employer provided us with a copy of the TN materials submitted, details about the interaction at the border, and the reasons for denial. After a thorough review of the situation we advised the employer and employee to file the petition on Form I-129 with premium processing through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). After a complete overhaul of the TN materials (Drafting a new support letter, completion of necessary Forms, and assembly of the necessary supporting evidence.) we filed the petition via premium processing with USCIS. Within two weeks the petition was approved. The employee was later admitted at the border and allowed to begin work at the client site. Here is what the employee had to say about our services:

After a couple of bad experiences with immigration lawyers who were not very familiar with TN visas, I found Jeremy Richards. I called his office and was given his personal cell phone so I could contact him at home and set up my first consultation. From that moment on he took a personal interest in my case. I sent him all the necessary paperwork and, believe it or not, just two weeks after the application was filed, I had my TN in the mail. Mr. Richards and his staff are expert, consummate professionals and I couldn’t recommend them more highly. He is a hero to me today! And, even after everything is done, he is still there to answer my questions. THANK YOU again!

B.B., TN Visa by mail with USCIS

Before proceeding with your TN application it is best to seek advice from a U.S. immigration lawyer who has proven experience with the TN application process. If you need advice and counsel from an experienced TN NAFTA lawyer, Contact us Today for a Free Assessment of your case.

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