TN Visa for a Scientific Technician/Technologist

There are a few TN Professions that raise immediate concern and face increased scrutiny at the border. One profession is the Scientific Technician/Technologist. A main reason for high scrutiny of those applying for TN status as a Scientific Technician/Technologist is that there is no degree requirement. This leads to many frivolous applications. It is common for a Computer Systems Analyst that does not possess the proper education to attempt a TN application as a Scientific Technician/Technologist, to apply under the Scientific Technician/Technologist profession. Such applications are routinely denied as they are not necessarily a fit under the Scientific Technician/Technologist category. Although a degree is not required for admission under TN status as a Scientific Technician/Technologist, there are strict requirements that must be met. According the CBP Inspector’s Field Manual, a Scientific Technician/Technologist must possess:

Theoretical knowledge of any of the following disciplines:

  1. Agricultural Sciences;
  2. Astronomy;
  3. Biology;
  4. Chemistry;
  5. Engineering;
  6. Forestry;
  7. Geology;
  8. Geophysics;
  9. Meteorology or Physics; AND

The Ability to solve practical problems in any of those disciplines, OR the ability to apply principles of any of those disciplines to basic or applied research.

Additionally, it is necessary that a TN Scientific Technician/Technologist work in DIRECT support of someone who is a professional in one of the above listed disciplines.

TN applications as a TN Scientific Technician/Technologist must be prepared properly in order to find success during the application process. In addition to the above mentioned factors, there are many other details that must be considered before confidently moving forward with a TN application as a Scientific Technician/Technologist. We are highly experienced with the TN application process and are able to assist with even the most complex TN matters. If you are in need of assistance with the TN application process, contact us today.

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