TN Visa Lawyer Reviews

We cannot thank enough to Jeremy and Kayla who helped us during the TN Visa process. We had a couple of bad experiences before calling Jeremy Richards, by the time we contacted him we were running out of time, and we needed express helped! He was always available when we needed him (contrary with other law firms), he would always answer every question or doubt that we had. Him and Kayla helped us during all the process and with all the papers that we needed. And above all that they had it all done before our deadline. Kayla Gallivan and Mr. Jeremy Richards did an exceptional job helping us get my TN Visa and TD Visas for the family. We would not hesitate to recommend Richards and Jurusik to anyone needing immigration guidance and counsel, in fact we have done that already! Once again, thank you very much for all the help!

N.T., TN Management Consultant


Hi Jeremy,

I’ll profess to the world the wonders you did to make my TN a possibility. I have been denied four times since 2007. Working with your law firm made this possible today. I am very proud of you and I have started the broadcast of your good works.

Thanks once again, extend my high regards to your admin team who continuously assured me of your success rate.

J.I., TN Biochemist


Jeremy Richards law office is an extremely professional, approachable, and thoughtful establishment. I had a very smooth and hassle free experience given Jeremy’s depth of experience and knowledge regarding US immigration and specifically, the TN visa. In my case, I had considered three other well renowned lawyers for my TN application but what stood out for me with Jeremy was his flexibility, understanding of my specific case, and speed of execution. He went out of his way to clarify everything and provide me with the peace of mind – I was also given special instruction about the process at the border. At no point did I ever feel any uncertainty and I could not have imagined a more comforting experience – I have gone through such process before in the US and the United Kingdom so have plenty to compare my experience with. Highly recommend the Law office of Jeremy Richards.

S.M., TN Management Consultant


Even though I had problems with the border in the past, the TN visa seems sketchy for me but Jeremy and team really put everything in perspective and made me feel comfortable. The right package was what I needed to get the job done. Having Jeremy at the border with me as well was a good moral and supportive decision. In the end it turned out nicely to use your services for preparing the TN visa application. I will definitely recommend you to everybody.

A.N., TN Engineer


I got my TN visa done with the help of Jeremy Richards and I recommend him to each and every person. Extremely professional and also gives the best advice. Everybody else at his office were also extremely helpful, professional, friendly and polite. Extremely prompt and to the point when you ask for advice.

R.K., TN Engineer


I am grateful to Jeremy Richards for the quality and reliable service he provided to help me with my TN work permit renewal. It is a pleasure to recommend him to my friends and family as an expert consultant for immigration matters.

Y.B., TN Physicist


I was very impressed with your professionalism and that of your staff. The TN visa application was very organized and detailed . Furthermore, your assistance at the border is much appreciated. It makes all the difference when the attorney is present answering all my questions and staying through until my application was successful.

P.G., TN Computer Systems Analyst


I was really stressed about my TN visa application. Doing it the very first time there were too many things to worry about and keep track of: from having the complete documentation to knowing the correct information and being able to present it with confidence and ease to the visa officer. In addition to all of that, the hassle and uncertainty of crossing the border on my own in a cab. Jeremy and his staff were very helpful and supportive throughout the process and addressed the most trivial of my concerns in a very professional manner. The visa documents were very well organized and professionally prepared by the office and my interview went smooth and the TN visa was issued seamlessly. It was well worth the money that I spent. I would recommend Jeremy’s services to anyone and as for myself I will use his services again whenever needed.

Z.K., TN Dietitian


I was denied by the U.S embassy in Toronto to get my E2 visa renewed. I talked with another lawyer before I called Jeremy and he told me that I was not a good candidate to get TN visa. I called Jeremy after I told him about my situation, Jeremy told me that I could apply for TN and that I was a good candidate for it. Jeremy started my case right away. The process went very smoothly at the border thanks to the documentation and coaching I received from Jeremy. I didn’t have much hope receiving TN before spoke with Jeremy but he made it happen. Getting 3 years TN visa changed my life. I highly recommend Jeremy L. Richards Immigration Law to everyone seeking to enter U.S.A. Thanks very much.

M.Z., TN Scientific Technologist


I did my research, read all the regulations, consulted many online forums then proceeded to apply by myself for TN status. So after I failed my first attempt I sought out professional help. Jeremy reviewed my original submission and made several recommendations that allowed me to obtain my status on my second attempt without issue. Lesson learned here is that even with exhaustive research on the rules and regulations, experience counts and Jeremy’s input was key in getting through those last hurdles. Jeremy and his team were very knowledgeable and quick to respond to my concerns. I have and will continue to use their services for all my future immigration law needs.

Q.P., TN Management Consultant


In May of 2012 I contacted Mr. Richards to help me prepare a second attempt at attaining TN Visa status in the United States of America. I was previously denied a TN Visa a few months prior in February of 2012. Mr. Richards is highly skilled and trained in his field of work. He collected all necessary information from me in order to build a strong case. Regardless of the fact that I had already been denied previously, Mr. Richards was able to portray that I had the appropriate credentials in order to be granted such a visa. It was a very stress free and quick process. He represented my case in a professional manner at the US border to the Immigration Officers and explained in full detail leaving no room for denial. I know I made the right choice asking Mr. Richards to assist me during this time. Thank you Mr. Richards.

S.H., TN Teaching Physician


Jeremy made my life very easy. After being denied a TN on Sunday (through the advice of different lawyers), I found Jeremy Monday and was through the Buffalo Border by Wednesday morning! Jeremy made me feel extremely comfortable and I felt even more at ease having him at the border with me. Jeremy, I appreciate your quick turnaround and the complete accurateness in what to expect at the Border. I look forward to working with you again in the new year!

B.B., TN Statistician


I would give Jeremy the strongest possible recommendation. I used his services to obtain a TN Visa as a management consultant. I had some concerns about receiving the TN, as I was going to work for an non-profit organization and was not sure how this would be viewed.

Jeremy provided me a very thorough package in a very short amount of time. Upon arriving at US Customs at the Ottawa airport, the US Customs Officer stated that the package was very thorough and that everything was in good order. I was with the agent for less than ten minutes. In fact, it took longer to get a coffee after clearing customs than it took me to get my TN.

Worth every penny of his rather reasonable fee.

J.H., TN Management Consultant



I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to you and your firm in helping me getting my first TN1 VISA, especially after being denied entry from visit from Canada to the US in early 2012. You and the firm were always accessible during the preparation process and knew exactly what was required to ensure successful process. Clear guidance, response to all my questions, and further assistance in general inquiries, including direct contact with the company I had been employed by.

The application package was professionally prepared and I really had nothing else to worry about when walking up to the immigration officer, other then personal nervousness. Even then you came to my comfort and brought me to a calmer mindset.

I would highly recommend you and your firm to anyone who wants to get a US work VISA with a peace of mind. I, myself, would not hesitate in continuing to utilize your assistance for any future immigration requirements.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart!

A.DC. – TN IT Consultant


This is my second successful experience with the Jeremy L. Richards Immigration Law firm. Jeremy and his team helped me to renew my TN visa and change employer without leaving the USA. We choose USCIS Premium service and I received my approved petition within a week.

Thank you for providing such excellent service.

M.B., TN Computer Systems Analyst


I am glad I found your website on the internet. I had another firm in Canada quoting me more than twice as much as your firm. The services your firm provided was efficient, quick and almost effortless. As a result of all of the above, I am now able to work as an Scientific Engineering Technician and travel without any hassle back and forward between Canada and the US.

Thank you again!

H.W., TN Scientific Engineering Technician


In the last 10 months I visited three attorneys in Boston, Massachusetts regarding my application for TN Status as an attorney. All three gave me different answers that did not help my situation for $300+ per hour. It is very clear that most immigration attorneys are not familiar with the laws regarding Treaty NAFTA status. With two weeks left on my previous visa status I discovered Attorney Richards after reading an online article he wrote for his website. A week later, Attorney Richards put together an excellent TN package. It is clear that the CBP officers at the Peace Bridge are familiar with Attorney Richards and add weight to applications with his name on it. I strongly recommend Attorney Richards and will do so to the many Canadian students in the Greater Boston Area

Thanks again,
J.D., TN Lawyer


I am impressed by the professionalism, fast turnaround and personal attention by the staff at Jeremy L. Richards law office and by Jeremy himself. They guided me through every step of the application process and always answered all my questions promptly. I would wholeheartedly recommend their services to anybody who wants to apply for TN visa.

M.D., Management Consultant


I was under a wrong impression that I would need an engineering degree in order to qualify for TN for my job offer as Software Developer/Software Engineer therefore I was considering to apply for TN visa under the Computer System Analyst category.

Mr. Richards carefully reviewed my foreign education credentials and strongly advised me that I would qualify to get TN under Engineer category and also help me to get proper US equivalent degree evaluation done. I was so impressed upon receiving the TN visa application packet from Mr. Richards with in depth visa support letter and supporting documents. The officer at the border issued me TN visa for 3 years as Software Engineer in no time and without asking any questions.

The service was excellent at a reasonable fixed fee. I highly recommend Mr. Jeremy Richards and appreciate him for his excellence!

J.G., TN Software Engineer


Thanks to Jeremy, I received my TN visa. The service he provided was very professional and efficient. I appreciated being able to speak directly to my attorney. The visa application was very professional and it made the process at the border quick and stress-free. The flat-fee is simple and eliminates any concerns. I was so happy with the service I received and the process was successful. I would recommend this firm to anyone for their immigration needs.

E.C., TN Physical Therapist


I chose Jeremy after speaking with five lawyers. Three came recommended by friends and family while two I randomly selected off the internet. Jeremy was one of the two lawyers I had randomly selected off the internet. Jeremy was the only lawyer who did not try to nickel and dime me. His first consultation was free, clear and precise. The strategy was laid out in the first call itself all the do’s and don’ts were clearly highlighted. One price was quoted for the process and it was stuck too. We agreed to apply for the Management Consultant category within the TN category, which is one of the most complicated categories. The turnaround time for the all the paperwork was quick. And if it hadn’t been for the paperwork then probably the visa would not have been approved. Jeremy knew exactly what paper work was required and it was laid out perfectly and professionally. Jeremy is also ably supported by Christina who made the process very easy, was always accessible for any queries and very patient.

S.G., TN Management Consultant


Jeremy turned a complicated application into a simple step by step process. I approached him through his website with just one week before my travel date, but his quick and conscientious service allowed me to obtain a TN-1 for my new US management consulting contracts. I will definitely be using Jeremy for my future immigration needs.

– BT, TN Management Consultant


I enlisted Jeremy’s help in putting together my TN visa package for a job offer I received. I found Jeremy and his team knowledgeable and professional but still personable. I had many queries during this process and they returned my queries promptly and clearly. With Jeremy’s personal assistance, my interview at the peace bridge border office was smoother than I could ever imagine. I would not hesitate to recommend Jeremy to anyone and will definitely hire him again if the need arises.

G.M., TN Management Consultant


Dear Jeremy Richards,

I am so happy to inform you that I have finally received the TN Visa stamp this morning as attached. I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks for your great support. It wouldn’t have been possible to get it without your help. I truly appreciate it.

W.L., TN Biomedical Engineer


Thank you very much for your services! I got my TN visa under the CSA category stamped for a year at Fort Erie. The officer was impressed with how well the information was organized and its completeness after he read through it for 10-15 mins. He had a few questions though which I had no problem explaining to him and he was very nice to me as well.

I would most definitely recommend your services as I think it most definitely reduces the stress and makes one feel more confident about one’s application when it is presented to the reviewing officers.

Thanks and Regards,

J.S., TN Computer Systems Analyst


I recently used the services of Jeremy L. Richards Immigration Law to assist me in the acquisition of a TN Visa, allowing me to provide contracted services as a Management Consultant to a manufacturing company in the United States. Mr. Richards provided thorough and timely service throughout the process, and was of invaluable assistance in reaching a successful conclusion to my application and Visa issuance. I will be recommending this firm to any business acquaintance who may require similar services. Thank you very much, Mr. Richards!

L.F., TN Management Consultant


Hi Christina,

I just want to thank you and Jeremy for your hard work. I got my TN yesterday! 🙂 I am back in California. The process at the Montreal Airport was so simple. The officer took my papers and 5 minutes later gave me the TN, he was really friendly and asked no questions.

S.T., TN Graphic Designer


“I was totally impressed with the professionalism from Jeremy and his office group. I needed a very quick turnaround (in one day) to apply for a TN Visa. Jeremy and Christina patiently walked me through the necessary steps, explained their services and prepared my case efficiently and thoroughly. I had my application prepared, including some consultation with Jeremy at the border. In less than twenty-four hours from the time I contacted Jeremy I was approved for a temporary working Visa. I would highly recommend Jeremy Richards Law office.”

G.W., TN Management Consultant


Worth every cent. A professional package was prepared and was walked through the whole process step by step. I would not have been able to do this on my own. Thanks.

P.S., TN Mechanical Engineer


Recently I got a network engineer job in USA. My degree was in Computer Information system. I did not know whether I should apply for computer system analyst or engineer category. I contacted Jeremy to help me out with that. He explained that I should be under Engineer category and wrote a very informative TN letter which is the most important part of the TN application, outlining my education, duties and responsibilities to fit the engineer category. The NAFTA officer issued my visa in 10 minutes just by looking at my certificate and that TN letter.

M.H., TN Network Engineer


I had the pleasure and opportunity to consult and work with Jeremy Richards for my TN application and process. This is my first time for TN visa. Jeremy and his team took all the effort including interfacing with prospective employer and easing their concerns. The entire process and obtaining visa went as easy as a cake walk. The service and follow-up commitment from Jeremy and his team is second to none. Jeremy is strongly recommended.

P.S., TN Computer Systems Analyst (Degree in Electrical Engineering)


We used Jeremy Richards to help me apply for a TN-1 Visa as an Engineer for a new job in California. Jeremy and his staff were very thorough and quick to turn around a complete package that was needed to get my TN-1 Visa. They worked with me to get the required personal documentation and they had my new employer draft the correct letters. They phoned me to explain the process and what would happen at the border when I applied for my Visa. In the end I had no trouble getting my TN-1 Visa. The US Border people at Ogdensburg, NY were great and appreciated having all the information organized and summarized correctly. What was originally a very stressful endeavor turned out to be very smooth using Jeremy Richards. I would highly recommend Jeremy Richards.

S.C. – TN Electrical Engineer


I had serious issues at Pearson airport, more serious issues at Lewiston Bridge. Then a TN visa refusal at Rainbow Bridge. Surprisingly with Engineering, MBA and IT (internationally recognized) certifications for Computer Systems Analyst category. I was desperately looking for a right lawyer to handle my “Battery of grave issues”.

Luckily, I found Jeremy through internet browsing. He listened, understood and scrutinized all of my TN Visa related issues. His preparation of my file with bunch of extremely valuable advises and presentation of my case in front of the NAFTA officer was impeccable. Not only that but he also accompanied me at the Peace Bridge.

I got the TN Visa at Peace Bridge without any hassle.

Just want to say “Jeremy and TN Visa Approval are synonymous “

My recommendation to every TN Visa seeking entity “Get Jeremy and you will get TN Visa, Guaranteed”
Once again thanks Jeremy !

P.P., TN Computer Systems Analyst


Recently I obtained a TN Visa for 3 years as a Computer systems analyst. Mr. Richards’ package for a TN Visa was very organized; detail oriented and supported important highlights with reference documents. Jeremy always promptly responded to my emails and is informative. I appreciate his help and will surely contact him for my future immigration and also will recommend to my friends. Cheers!!

M.T., TN Computer Systems Analyst


It has been a real pleasure working with Jeremy and the Christina at JR Immigration Law on my TN visa. I was apprehensive about re-entering the U.S. on a TN due to my personal situation. Jeremy’s representation at the border helped me very much in positioning myself appropriately for the interview with the officer at POE. Jeremy and Christina were prompt to my queries, professional and quite approachable throughout the process, giving me a true sense of the support my family and I needed. I am glad for having engaged Jeremy for my TN immigration needs.
Thanks to Jeremy for making me feel comfortable during the process!S.S., TN Computer Systems Analyst


Hi Jeremy,

My employee was able to obtain the visa and is now travelling to the client site weekly. Thanks very much for your help and when I have more employees in need of visas, I will be in touch with you right away. You did an excellent job of preparing the paperwork!

D.G., Canadian Employer of a TN Computer Systems Analyst


Hi Jeremy ,

Thanks for your help and assistance in obtaining my TN visa. Really appreciate the way the package was detailed and organized. I just obtained my TN status today for a maximum of 3 years. The process took roughly 25 minutes. I will be for sure using your service in the future and would recommend others to do the same.

M.R. ( TN Scientific technologist)


I would like to thank Mr. Richards and his team for the excellent legal service I received. I contacted Jeremy and he prepared my TN visa application package in two days. The border officer checked all papers and I got the I-94 card in about 30 minutes at the Peace Bridge, Fort Erie.

I would highly recommend his firm to anyone who is looking for a TN visa.

M.B, Happy TN Computer System Analyst


Hi Jeremy,

I would like to say thank you to Jeremy for your great services. I recommend Jeremy L. Richards, Esq to all Canadians who try to apply for a TN Visa. He is reliable and professional in TN visa process. He is always available. He answer all of your questions right away. I took his packet file with me at the port of entry, they looked at it and amazed how everything are organized and arranged. It took about 50 minutes to finish all process include my families for TN visa and TD visa without any problems.

So, don’t think about it, just sign contract with Jeremy and then you will know how much stress will be released from you.

Thank You,
B.S., TN Interior Designer


Hi Jeremy,

I got my TN visa on Friday and would like to thank you for your professional work.
The visa process went smoothly with all documents you prepared.
I really appreciate your help and would highly recommend your service.


M.B., TN Computer Systems Analyst


Hi Jeremy,

It was indeed a very nice experience at the border because of the work you and your team put in. The moment the officer looked at the package , he knew that this was a professionally done package. He was very impressed with the contents of the package and the format of the letter.

I have to say that because of the well done package the officer just asked me one question – is your family coming with you and thats it, he stamped it and I was all done in 10 minutes.
I credit the work you did in getting me a 3 year TN.


S.N., TN Software Engineer


Jeremy and his team are the real deal. I spent a lot of time speaking with immigration lawyers about the feasibility of my case. I was told on a number of occasions that my employee would not be eligible to receive TN status.

It was clear from our first conversation that Jeremy was very knowledgable in this space. He responded promptly to email and phone calls and backed up all of his answers with reference documentation. The TN package was ready in about 1 week and looked very well prepared. My employee was awarded TN status for 3 years.

I will continue to use Jeremy’s firm for all of my company’s future immigration needs.

T.Z., TN Software Engineer


Hi Jeremy,

Just wanted to let you know that our TN visa has been approved.

Thank you for your help.

M.H., TN Computer Systems Analyst


Hey Jeremy,

I got my Visa yesterday morning. Everything went smoothly! I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. Afterwards, I made a U-turn and came right back to Canada – no problems what-so-ever.

Thanks for all your help!

T.W., TN Software Engineer


Mr. Richards and his team really help me to get the TN visa. His experience in this matter made the process go very smooth. I really recommend Mr. Richards’ service for those who first apply for TN visa as they are really new to such process. I was very concerned about the TN approval. Thank you very much Mr. Jeremy.

A.H., TN Computer Systems Analyst


Hi Jeremy

Thanks a lot for your help in getting the TN status.

The visa officer looked at the packet and said “so you have already got your documents looked on by a lawyer”. He asked me wait and he looked the documents. The officer was very nice and polite and asked me couple of questions about my job responsibilities and where I will be working. I think it about 5-10 mins and he then gave me the I-94 card.

In the end it turned out very nicely and it was a good decision to use your services for preparing the TN visa application.

V.V., TN Computer Systems Analyst


Dear Mr. Richards,

Wonderful news! Thanks so much for all your help. Your office is very efficient and did a great job.




Thank you for your information again. My wife just got a TD visa. She said you might be our luck charm. My wife brought the copy of document you prepared for me and went to US embassy in costa rica. unbelievably, She got a TD visa. She is only one costa rican citizen to get the first TD visa from there. Can you believe that?

Best Regards
W.L., TN Engineer (Software Engineer)


After being denied on my first attempt for a CSA TN Visa due to insufficient documentation, I enlisted the services of Jeremy. Jeremy and his staff quickly assessed my situation, answered any questions I had and put together an exceptional Visa application. My next attempt for the TN was a success. I highly recommend this firm.

K.M., TN Computer Systems Analyst


I got my TN visa on September 15, 2011 in US border office at Vancouver airport with professional assistances provided by Jeremy L Richards immigration Law.

I thought originally there was no way to prepare all necessary documents and obtain TN visa in 3 days in my case in which no foreign degree evaluation is ready and 3 days notice to start to work in orange county. Jeremy made it possible .

Here are what I am impressed about Jeremy’s service .

– Understand what I need and address my compelling issues immediately.
– Answer my questions clearly and provide me instructions clearly so I know exactly what to cooperate.
– Provide the complete TN application package that includes all support documents. In fact, when a visa officer read through all documents, I am straight ahead to obtain a TN visa without a single question to be asked.

I am glad to contact Jeremy L Richard immigration Law when I have difficulty and uncertainty for TN application. I am certainly recommend Jeremy’s immigration services.

W, TN Engineer (Software Engineer)


Jeremy and his firm helped me getting my first TN1 VISA after being denied entry from a past visit to US. Jeremy was always accessible during the preparation process and he knows exactly what is needed to get through. He gave me clear guidance and answered all my questions. The application package was professionally prepared and I really have nothing else to worry about when walking up to the immigration officer. I would highly recommend Jeremy and his firm to anyone who wants to get a US work VISA with a peace of mind.

H.L., TN Statistician


Working with Jeremy L. Richards was a great experience, he was able to demystify the TN visa process and made it stress free for me. After I obtained an offer letter, he put together a professional packet to present at the border which was instrumental in me obtaining the TN Visa. There was no such thing as an obstacle for Jeremy L. Richard, I was always able to contact him with any question and get an answer at no extra cost. I am very grateful for the help and would recommend Jeremy L. Richards to anyone looking for aid with immigration issues.

M.M., TN Scientific Technologist


When I was searching for an attorney to prepare the packet for my TN-1 Visa, Jeremy immediately stood out from all the attorneys that I initially spoke with regarding my case. When I first called his firm I was able to speak directly to him. He kindly answered all my questions before I even selected him as my attorney. He was the only attorney that I spoke with that seemed to really listen and not give the impression that his time was too valuable to be answering any questions I had. Once I was ready to have Jeremy prepare my documents, he was able to put together the packet very quickly and thoroughly. Additionally, he gave me good advice about crossing the border via the Peace Bridge. As a result, I was granted a TN-1 Visa for three years. I would certainly work with Jeremy again and would highly recommend him for your immigration needs!

J.C., TN Biologist


I was very much concerned about the TN approval after being denied, with immigrant intent flag by the US Customs Border Protection agency, after the first denial, the level of scrutiny was much higher. I was quite stressed about previous denial. I lost my hope and finally I approached Jeremy. Jeremy was guiding me through a difficult situation where the TN application was initially handled without professional help. He prepared my TN packet very professionally and organized. He was available to me even after hours.

The border officer was a little tough, he asked a lot question for verification and the interview went for three and half hours, and at last gave a TN visa for three years.

Thank you so much for support and advice. I really appreciate it. I will be sure to consult Jeremy if any other immigration issues arise.

S.B., TN Engineer


This letter is to express my profound appreciation for the dignified and professional manner in which you prepared my case for TN work permit to USA. The officer took little bit time. The writing and paper was organized by you in an excellent and professional manner. She issued TN and TD for my wife with big smile. I recommend Mr. Jeremy because he is professional and reasonable. Once again thank you for everything.

T.B., TN Accountant


Working with Jeremy was very easy. He offered good advice and was quick to respond to communication. He made the process of putting together my package a comfortable one.

J.A., TN Graphic Designer


Jeremy Richards provided me with great value compared to other lawyers I have used in the past. The TN packet he prepared was professional. The interview tips and walk through he gave me prior to reaching the border was a great help and confidence boost. Thanks Jeremy!

K.S., TN Computer Systems Analyst


Hi Jeremy!

US immigration asked a lot question for verification and at last gave a TN visa for three years!

Anyway thank you so much for your support and advise.

M.R., TN Computer Systems Analyst


I got the TN visa and the process went very smooth. Thank you Mr. Jeremy.

R.B., TN Engineer


Hi Jeremy,

Just wanted to let you know that my TN visa was approved, the officer didn’t ask much and the process was pretty quick and easy! Thank you so much for your help with my visa, I really appreciate it! Will be sure to keep in touch if any other immigration issues arise!

Best wishes,
S.K., TN Psychologist


Hi Jeremy,

I wanted to take the time to thank-you for preparing a thorough TN Visa application. I was quickly approved for my visa, without any difficulties at the Kingston Bridge. I was very concerned about the TN approval after being Denied extension on H1B with Previous employer. I was quite stressed about finding a lawyer who would be able to help me in such a short period of time. Lucky for me I came across your website. Of all the lawyers I spoke with, you were the only lawyer who began providing guidance and feedback on my situation from our first conversation. You really worked with me to ensure that my application was as strong as could be, while accounting for all of the limitations I was working within.

Thank you again for all your help

J.K., TN Computer Systems Analyst


Hello Jeremy,

I wanted to take the time to thank-you for preparing a thorough TN Visa application. I was quickly approved for my visa, without any difficulties at the Peace Bridge Fort of Entry . Your timeliness to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
J.P., TN Occupational Therapist


“Jeremy was tremendous in guiding us through a difficult situation where the TN application was initially handled without professional help. After the first denial, the level of scrutiny was raised much higher, and Jeremy helped us identify the pitfalls while putting together the application that received approval. I highly recommend working with him from the beginning, as he clearly demonstrates his knowledge of the subject matter while also being very accessible.”

J.L., TN Engineer (Software Engineer)


I used the Jeremy L. Richards Immigration Law firm for my TN visa processing; Jeremy has guided me in every way possible to get my TN visa application approved. His guidance was awesome. In fact my wife was so impressed with his knowledge on the case; she simply believed in his work on her first call. And if I would require any help on my immigration matters, I would certainly go to Jeremy for his help. In fact we recommended him to my brother-in-law for his wife’s visa processing. Good luck brother and thank you Jeremy for your help.

B.A., TN Management Consultant


Monday afternoon about 4:30 in a busy Canadian airport. I have just been rejected for the second time in two days by the Customs Border Protection agency for entry into the US. This is causing me immense distraught because the five day engagement that I have arranged in the US has been underway for a day and my best prospect now is to get there for the start of the third day. The CBP agent and his supervisor described me as “document deficient” in my attempt to get a Trade NAFTA working visa. I had provided letters from the company hosting me in the US but apparently the terminology was not sufficient to convince them that I was legitimate. They recommended that I contact an immigration lawyer. A quick web search led me to Jeremy Richards. I phoned him at his office and within the half hour he was on the case, compiling info from web sites and weaving info that I provided to him into a 65 page application document that was pulled together by the next morning as a .pdf document that I was able to print on a home office system and present to the CBP folks the next morning. On reading the covering letter that Jeremy provided, the previously gruff agent broke into a smile and said “That’s all you needed” and 15 minutes and $50 later I was sitting in the departure lounge waiting for my flight to the US.

Jeremy was extremely supportive to my plight and worked late into the evening to pull together the document that opened the door for my business trip into the US. Without his assistance I fear I would be on the no-fly list by now.

One relieved and grateful Canadian management consultant.

A.B., TN Management Consultant


Hi Jeremy,

It was a whirlwind week that I had my first week on the job, but I wanted to make sure I took a moment to thank you again for all your help.

When I realized that I would need a TN for my new job, I was quite stressed about finding a lawyer who would be able to help me in such a short period of time. Lucky for me I came across your website. Of all the lawyers I spoke with, you were the only lawyer who began providing guidance and feedback on my situation from our first conversation. You really worked with me to ensure that my application was as strong as could be, while accounting for all of the limitations I was working within. Your skills in preparing my application, your hard work late into the night, and your great advice on all aspects of my application were all essential in the success of my TN application. Thank you again for everything!

S.K., TM Computer Systems Analyst



Your worked magic. The customs agent I had been dealing with in the back room for the last two times was on the up front wicket today and he gruffly asked to see the paperwork. When he read your cover letter he smiled and said that’s all you needed. He passed me off to another guy in the back who read through the package for about 10 minutes, had a cordial discussion with me, took my $50 and sent me on my way. I am in the lounge now – feeling very grateful for your help.

Happy to be on my way to Boston finally.

Thank you for your concerted effort.

B.A., TN Management Consultant


Hi Jeremy,

Sorry for the slow response, but I wanted to thank you for all your help on this matter. You were very professional, thorough and easy to deal with – I will definitely be using you again should we need help in the future.
Thank you again.

M.H., TN Computer Systems Analyst

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