Waiver and Permission to Reapply Applications Approved!

Our client is a native of the Congo and a citizen of Canada.  Before becoming a citizen of Canada, he came to the United States and applied for asylum.  His asylum claim was ultimately denied by the both the Immigration Judge and the Board of Immigration Appeals.  He was removed from the United States, and faced a ten year bar to returning to the United States both because of his unlawful presence, and because he was ordered removed.  Although he is now firmly settled in Canada, our client still has family in the United States that he wishes to visit, and also wishes to come for vacations.  He applied for a nonimmigrant waiver of inadmissibility on his own, but was denied because he had not filed all of the correct Forms.

Our client then contacted our firm.  We worked with him to develop a strong waiver and permission to reapply application to demonstrate that he has established strong ties to Canada, including his wife and children, his home, and his employment.  We showed that he is not a risk to United States society, that he is a person of good moral character, that he understands his prior immigration violations, and that he would not violate the US immigration laws again.

In just four months, we received an approval notice of both the waiver of inadmissibility application and the permission to reapply application.  Our client has now entered the US on several occasions with the waiver without any problems.