What Jobs Qualify for TN Visa?

diverse professionals applying for jobs and TN visasIf you are a Canadian or Mexican citizen and you wish to work in the United States, then one option is to apply for a TN Visa if your job qualifies. Specifically, any citizen of Mexico and Canada who wants to enter and work in the United States temporarily may be allowed to do according to the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) formerly known as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Under USMCA, a business person refers to a citizen of Mexico or Canada who is engaged in the provision of services, investment activities, or trade of goods. Specifically, under the USMCA, the following terms mean:

Engage in business activities at a professional level – conduct of business activities already prearranged for a United States individual or entity. However, this excludes set up of business practice in the country in which the person will primarily be self-employed. The person or the professional can be categorized as self-employed if the person will be rendering services to an entity or corporation wherein the person is the controlling or sole owner or shareholder.

Temporary entry – this means entering the country without the intention to set up permanent residence. The foreign individual or alien should be able to demonstrate to the immigration officer that his or her stay is only temporary. More importantly, the interim period should have a definite end that does not lead to permanent residence. Additionally, the alien should be able to demonstrate that his or assignment in the United States will conclude at a predictable time and that the individual will leave upon completion of his or her appointment.

It’s also important to know the jobs and their accompanying basic requirements before applying for a TN Visa.

Jobs and Qualifications

The following job list specifies which jobs can qualify for the TN Visa and their necessary qualifications:

  1. Engineer – baccalaureate degree or provincial/state license
  2. Scientist
  3. Accountant- baccalaureate degree, C.M.A., C.G.A., C.A., C.P.A.

The following occupations all have a baccalaureate degree as their basic requirement:

  1. Pharmacologist
  2. Meteorologist
  3. Horticulturist
  4. Geophysicist (including Oceanographer in Mexico or the U.S.)
  5. Geologist
  6. Geochemist
  7. Geneticist
  8. Epidemiologist
  9. Entomologist
  10. Dairy Scientist
  11. Chemist
  12. Biologist
  13. Biochemist
  14. Astronomer
  15. Apiculturist
  16. Animal Scientist
  17. Animal Breeder
  18. Agriculturist (including agronomist)
  19. Zoologist
  20. Soil Scientist
  21. Poultry Science
  22. Plant Breeder
  23. Research Assistant (working in a post-secondary educational institution)

The following medical or allied professions and qualifications are eligible for a TN Visa:

  1. Dentist – D.M.D., D.D.S., or provincial/state license
  2. Physician (teaching and/or research only) – M.D., provincial/state license
  3. Occupational Therapist – baccalaureate degree or provincial/state license
  4. Recreational Therapist – baccalaureate degree
  5. Physio or Physical therapist – baccalaureate degree or provincial/state license
  6. Veterinarian – D.M.V., D.V.M., or provincial/state license
  7. Pharmacist – baccalaureate degree or provincial/state license

For medical technologists, the qualifications are:

  1. baccalaureate degree of post-secondary diploma with three years working experience
  2. the person must also be seeking entry so that he or she can perform immunologic, hematological, biological, chemical, and bacteriological procedures, tests, experiments as well as analysis in laboratories for prevention, diagnosis, and prevention of disease

Other occupations that qualify and with necessary baccalaureate degree as the qualification are as follows:

  1. Architect with provincial/state license
  2. Urban Planner
  3. Technical Publications Writer – or post-secondary diploma with three years working experience
  4. Mathematician
  5. Social Worker
  6. Economist
  7. Vocational Counselor
  8. Industrial Designer – or post-secondary diploma with three years working experience
  9. Hotel Manager – or post-secondary diploma with three years working experience
  10. Interior Designer – or post-secondary diploma with three years working experience
  11. Animal Breeder
  12. Range Manager (range conservationist)
  13. Silviculture’s (including forestry specialist)
  14. Landscape Architect
  15. Forester with provincial/state license
  16. Land Surveyor with provincial/state/federal license
  17. Graphic Designer – or post-secondary diploma with three years working experience
  18. Dietitian with provincial/state license
  19. Nutritionist
  20. Computer Systems Analyst – or post-secondary diploma with three years working experience
  21. Psychologist with provincial/state license
  22. Management Consultant with at least five years’ experience working in the consulting field
  23. Disaster Relief Insurance Claims Adjuster – or three years’ experience in the area of claims adjustment (this is admissible if it is a declared disaster)

For a Scientific Technician or a Technologist, their work should support professionals in the following fields directly:

  1. chemistry
  2. engineering
  3. geology
  4. geophysics
  5. meteorology
  6. physics
  7. astronomy
  8. agricultural sciences
  9. biology or forestry

The person must also:

  1. demonstrate a theoretical knowledge of the discipline
  2. solve practical problems within the discipline
  3. apply the principles of the discipline to applied or basic research

You can increase your chances of getting approved for the TN Visa if you prepare correctly. Make sure you check on the basic requirements and the documents required to fill out or complete. It is also best to consult an immigration lawyer to understand how the system works. He or she can advise and support you in preparing the right documents or paperwork. Most importantly, they can check your credentials for acceptability before they are submitted.

There are some cases when people may not be admitted or permitted into the country because of their previous record. Ensure you cover all grounds. Hiring an experienced immigration lawyer with extensive TN Visa application experience ensures your best chance of acceptance.

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