What qualifies as proof of education for a TN visa application?

In order to qualify for a TN visa it is necessary to show that you have the requisite education for the TN profession. For each TN profession there is a required academic requirement. For example:

  1. Accountant – Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree; or C.P.A., C.A., C.G.A. or C.M.A.
  2. Computer Systems Analyst – Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree; or PostSecondary Diploma or PostSecondary Certificate , and three years experience.
  3. Economist – Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree
  4. Graphic Designer – Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree; or PostSecondary Diploma or PostSecondary Certificate, and three years experience
  5. Vocational Counselor – Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree
  6. Registered Nurse – State/provincial license; or Licenciatura Degree

It is often the case that an applicant for TN visa status has a degree in a field other than the one listed for the TN profession. In such situations it isn’t always readily apparent that they qualify for the profession based on the education that they have obtained. There is not a requirement that the degree obtained be an exact match to the degree listed for the TN profession. In many situations a degree in a closely related field or transcripts indicating course study related to the TN profession will suffice. In these situations it is best to work with an experienced immigration attorney to ensure that a complete and approvable TN packet is prepared.

Additionally, the general requirement is that the education be obtained from Mexico, Canada or the United States. If the degree was earned in another country, then a foreign credentials evaluation will be needed before applying for TN visa status. We often assist our clients obtain credentials evaluations enabling them to obtain TN visa status.

The proof of education that must accompany the TN application should be in the form of:

  1. Academic Degrees;
  2. Transcripts;
  3. Certificates or Diplomas; or
  4. A Foreign credentials evaluation.

Failure to present original evidence that you have the necessary education to fill the TN profession could result in a denial. We have experience reviewing resumes, degrees and job duties in order to determine the proper TN profession. If you have received a job offer and need to obtain TN visa status, we can help prepare an approvable TN visa application. Contact us today for a free assessment of your U.S. immigration needs.

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